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Clothes to the exit

Many of us happened before leaving the house to sort out several options for clothing, spending much more time on it than we counted.

So, one evening, the married couple was heading to a corporate party, but half a way, the wife suddenly realized that “not so dressed”.

La publicité prolongée du pénis dit qu’ils peuvent être prudents à porter tous les jours et non distraites. Mais les utilisateurs disent que si debout tout le temps – normalement, mais vous devez vous asseoir dans une pose spécifique. Et mettre le dessus, il n’est impossible que des pantalons de pyjama doux. La voiture, compréhensible, à conduire est également inconfortable. Il convient de acheter kamagra que le plastique à partir de laquelle ces dispositifs sont fabriqués sont plutôt durables et ne peuvent pas être pliés.

She was covered by such a strong concern that her husband had to deploy the car so that, returning home, the wife could change the dress.

How much delay and family misunderstandings are associated with protracted fees! Why, with responsible exits (where the toilets serve as the subject of looking at) some of us are covered by anxiety?

One of the explanations is that the theorists of fashion are called “mixed motivations,” the clothes must perform several functions at once to provide a feeling: everything is fine with me.

The simplest of them is to warm and give the opportunity to act, that is, compliance with the weather and comfort.

However, personal convenience is a very subjective indicator: many are ready to endure a particular dose of discomfort – high heels or a prolonged waist – for the sake of more significant goals. And if the scientist, for example, will not make a report in close clothes – this prevents me from thinking – then a thin girl will be happy to go on a date in a super -shaking dress, since the erotic function of the outfit for her is the main.

It is the personal attitude to the thing that creates convincing – for himself and for others – the feeling of the right choice

In general, the opinion of a significant one (not necessarily a lover – rather just the person who constantly notices and evaluates our outfit) often plays a tremendous role: even in public situations we sometimes dress for one main spectator. But the decisive criterion, as a rule, remains the adequacy of what is happening-this was the reason for the uncertainty of the lady, who did not quite understand the dress code adopted at the corporate parties of the company of the company.

So we try on ourselves in front of the mirror – clothes or other people’s views?

In addition, in our souls sometimes voices sound not only from the present, but also from the family past: “Green is categorically does not suit you”, “Light is full of you”, “Will you really go with such hair?”. Our mothers and grandmothers invisibly stand on our shoulder. And, if you try to comply with all the internal and external standards, the final choice, as a rule, falls on the “win-win”, but in fact a conformist facy option: a small black dress, universal jeans with a top, a gray business leather. And how many more unnoticed taboos and prohibitions imperiously determine our choice: “not by age”, “frivolously”, “too defiantly”.

In this conflict of “mixed motivations”, the aesthetic function of clothing, oddly enough, becomes far from defining. Today you can choose from many fashionable styles, and the previous requirement of total coordination of the costume in tone and compatibility with accessories has already given way to the more liberal aesthetics “mix and combine”.

Against the background of all these contradictions, the main parameter, in my opinion, can be our personal attitude to a thing. In the wardrobe there will always be favorite clothing items, whether it be a white shirt or a Scottish colorful sweater. Pleasant memories can be associated with the thing, or the owner for deeply subjective reasons considers it a talisman, bringing luck (a relic of the archaic function of magic clothing). It is this attitude that creates a convincing (not only for oneself, but also for others) the feeling of a “right” outfit.

Unmistakable confidence comes with him, or, as anthropologists say, the “quiet knowledge” of the success of our choice.

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