Business Intelligence and Analytics

We help organizations gain competitive advantage and improve the quality of their operational and strategic decisions using business intelligence and analytics.

Business intelligence (BI) allows organizations to gain insight into new markets, identify new opportunities, predict demand, improve efficiency, measure and assess impact of strategies, view past and current key performance indicators, retain customers, and increase sales and productivity. The success of Business Intelligence stems from an organization’s ability to consolidate and interpret meaningful data from internal and external sources within its ecosystem.

Reasons to use 3MBS for your Business Intelligence and Analytics:

  • Proficient alignment of Big Data strategy with the company’s objectives and goals.
  • Comprehensive information management planning, development, integration and support for transactional and analytic data, applications and systems.
  • Vast knowledge and experience with capturing data (Extract-Transform-Load), data warehousing, data mart creation, data governance, data security, developing processes, implementing, developing or enhancing applications, and identifying technologies and technical architectures to support data collection, data analysis and data presentation.
  • Vast knowledge and experience with business intelligence reporting, visualizations, geo-mapping, online analytical processing, analytics and key performance indicators, data mining and predictive analytics.
  • Extensive experience with Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production and Planning across government, non-profit and private sectors, spanning consumer goods, pharmaceutical, automotive, healthcare, entertainment and manufacturing industries.
  • Active senior management participation in all client engagements, enabling comprehensive understanding of client’s initiatives, challenges, and potential solutions.
  • A reputation for responsiveness to client issues and resource needs. 

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