Program and Project Management

We have proven our ability to manage complex and multiple initiatives that span departments and functions across geographies and cultures in government, healthcare and private sector.

A mature and well run program or project can improve an organization’s ability to achieve its intended goals successfully by a whopping 25% if not more. The quality and success of business and IT initiatives can be achieved by structured management and organization of resources, scope and timelines. Additionally, when combined with strong executive sponsorship, good communications and effective management of risks, uncertainty and complexity, an organization can concentrate on innovating and comprehensively improving its performance, productivity, and decision making by engaging in simultaneous projects.

Reasons to use 3MBS for your Program and Project Management:

  • Disciplined, pragmatic and proactive approach to program and project management derived from decades of experience across a wide-range of industries.
  • Seasoned Program Managers to assist with development and management of project plans, portfolios and Program Management Offices (PMO).
  • Strong adherence to methodology, best practices and standards, tailored to the unique challenges and culture of each client.
  • Improved visibility of costs, resources and timelines through sophisticated project plans, dashboards and metrics.
  • Accountability and governance through formal quality assurance process and excellent management of benefits, risks, contingency plans, communications and scope.
  • Active senior management participation in all client engagements, enabling comprehensive understanding of client’s initiatives, challenges, and potential solutions.
  • A reputation for responsiveness to client issues and resource needs.