Change Management

Change is ongoing and inevitable. However, managing change within organizations is complex and difficult. We affect change in an organization by helping employees embrace change and by reducing resistance to change.

Organization-wide changes stemming from changes in the government regulations, economic climate, growth and market strategy, infrastructure or process reengineering are a constant. They impact everyone in the organization. If change is not managed deliberately and methodically, it can negatively impact anticipated results stemming from the change. Effective management of change enables better change adoption, reduces risk stemming from the change and accelerates time-to-value for that transformation.

Reasons to use 3MBS for your Change Management:

  • Holistic disciplined approach to attaining business transformations through Stakeholder Management, Workforce Planning, Communication and Training.
  • Work teams composed of senior consultants that are proven experts in helping reduce resistance to change and helping organizations attain and sustain benefits from change across different cultures in private and government sectors.
  • Stakeholder Alignment, Role Mapping, Change Impact Analysis, Change Readiness Assessments (CRA), Communication, Training, Change Networks, Roadshows, Workshops, Organizational Design and Development, Labor and Human Resource Engagements used to facilitate adoption of change.
  • Executive Sponsorship, Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Communication used to identify influencers and to build awareness and buy-in of the desired change.
  • Change Materials such as CRA Questionnaires, Communication Messages, Training Curriculum, Process Flows and Training Content used to move individuals up the change curve.
  • Active senior management participation in all client engagements, enabling comprehensive understanding of client’s initiatives, challenges, and potential solutions.
  • A reputation for responsiveness to client issues and resource needs.
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