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The 3MBS Formula For Success

As with many business processes, an enterprise application's end results depend on a strategic plan at the beginning and ongoing communication across the timeline. To set you up for success, the 3MBS team has developed a complete roadmap for implementation, which the individual consultants, tailor to your specific industry and business needs.

A typical implementation might include the following steps:

  • Project Plan
  • Identify and document user requirements
  • Design the critical flow of information
  • Map user requirements to the sortware
  • Configure and modify the software
  • Convert historical data
  • Test information flow to validate data integrity and system usability
  • Provide comprehensive, hands-on user training
  • Roll out the new system
  • Provide ongoing technical support and proactive maintenance
  • Provide ongoing project and change management
  • Expand the rollout across divisions or geographies, as needed